Found yourself in a work situation you are still learning the English you need to get by? Or maybe you have an English-speaking colleague that you would like to get closer to.

At the coffee machine

Latte in hand, on hold: these are a few phrases you are more than likely to hear amongst your work colleagues as you relax. They’re easy to pick up and use, too.

1.(to) play catch up – to be late starting something so you make a big effort to overcome it; it doesn’t mean you have been lazy!– more often it refers to when something comes in last minute, or you are working to a tight deadline.
(to) play catch up –開始做某件事情有點晚,使你不得不花大力氣去完成它;這并不是指你懶惰!-它經常更多的是指做某事到最后關頭了,或者你臨近截止日期,盡力追趕的意思。

e.g.“We’re playing catch-up on that??from France.”

Meaning: we’re working overtime to get everything ready for the commission from France.

When might you use it?

To express being a bit or under pressure to deliver a project; to express the effort required to overcome something for which you are currently behind schedule. You might also use the phrase to??or drive your own team to complete something – “we’re playing catch-up here, guys” – as it can add an air of competition.

2.(to) pay a premium– meaning you pay a higher price for something because the quality or reputation is better

e.g.“We’re paying a premium for the??from X Box, but it’s worth it”

When might you use it?

This can be used in coffee machine conversation very easily – it just refers to a deal you’ve made where the company (or yourself) has paid a price that is a